Prof Evangelos Moustakas Chicago

My story

Thank you for visiting my virtual space. You are welcome to browse through my journey. Since I completed my studies in London and Chicago, I have been fortunate to teach for Higher Education Institutes in Europe, USA and the Middle East. Across the years, I have been developing creative environments where I put learners first while I prioritise the philosophy of lifelong learning towards handling global challenges. These fascinating experiences encouraged me to develop creative approaches in learning and nurtured innovative practices that intended to connect social, professional, and academic communities. My transformation learning initiatives mostly focus to enable learners to experience a practice-led education and turn theory into action!

Professor Evangelos Moustakas

Another important part of my life is playing the guitar and writing music. You may listen to some recordings and videos at the media library of the website. Finally, you could read more about my digital agency, Alpha Media, a dynamic company which resides in the United Arab Emirates and develops digital marketing strategies and interior / exterior design solutions for companies and clients internationally. I look forward to receiving your messages, sharing your ideas and exploring synergies. Evangelos Moustakas